IBD radiology

medew-jaap-stokerJaap Stoker

Jaap Stoker graduated as MD at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1987. He became radiologist in 1994 and joined the staff of the department of Radiology of the University Hospital Dijkzigt and Sophia’s Children’s Hospital, (now Erasmus Medical Center), Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In 1994, he obtained his Ph.D., entitled ‘The percutaneous use of the Wallstent endoprosthesis in malignant biliary obstruction.’
In 1998 he became staff member at the department of Radiology, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands where he was appointed professor of Radiology in 2004. He became head of the department of Radiology, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam in 2014.
His research concerns gastrointestinal imaging, including MRI in IBD. His scientific work encompasses more than 350 peer-reviewed papers. Stoker was editor of two books including the book ‘MRI of the gastrointestinal tract’ and has written 30 book chapters. He is editorial board member of several journals, including Radiology, UEG Journal and Emergency Radiology. He is fellow and executive member of the European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (ESGAR) and member of the European United Gastroenterology Federation (UEGF) Scientific Committee. He was involved in several international consensus documents, including the ECCO-ESGAR Consensus on Imaging techniques for assessment of IBD; A global consensus on the classification, diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment of perianal fistulising Crohn’s disease; Consensus document Selecting therapeutic targets in inflammatory bowel disease (STRIDE): Determining therapeutic goals for treat-to-target.